French Open: Carlos Alcaraz is aiming to capture Rafael Nadal’s crown in Roland Garros

It was fitting that Carlos Alcaraz’s win over Rafael Nadal at Madrid Open, which felt like a pivotal moment in the passing power, was observed by Spain’s King Felipe VI.

Although Nadal has not yet decided to abdicate his ‘King Of Clay’ throne of power, Alcaraz’s victory over his childhood idols and subsequent lifting the Madrid title was the strongest indication that the 19-year old Spaniard is now ready to take control of the men’s game.

Alcaraz has been dominating the ATP Tour for weeks, long considered a future Grand Slam champion since being identified at 11 as a potential star.

Next is to convert this form into a Grand Slam or the best-of-5 sets format. The first chance for this will be at the French Open on Sunday.

Alcaraz would win Roland Garros, where Nadal is almost unbeatable for the past two decades. This would complete the transition from tennis sensation to mainstream recognition.

He has been backed by pundits and fellow players, and bookmakers have placed him among the favorites alongside Nadal (who is currently recovering from a foot injury) and Novak Djokovic, the defending champion.

Who is this “a piece of spaghetti” youngster who has made the tennis world swoon? Will he deliver?

“Best player in the World Right Now”

Alcaraz won the Madrid Open, which is the most prestigious tournament of his country, this month. It was Alcaraz’s fourth title in 2022. Alcaraz has won more than any other player.

This year’s record 28 match wins was also unmatched going into the Italian Open. Alcaraz did not attend to save himself for Roland Garros.

He was ranked 120th worldwide in May 2021. He is now sixth a year later.

Alcaraz stated that people will think I am one of the favorites to win Roland Garros after Alcaraz defeated Alexander Zverev, the defending champion, to win the Madrid title.

“I don’t feel it as tension. I use it as motivation.”

Djokovic believes there is “no question” Alcaraz will lift the Coupe des Mousquetaires in June. Zverev, however, praised the teenager as the “best player in world right now”.

How a “piece of spaghetti” has become the latest star

Alcaraz’s remarkable rise in one year is due to his dedication and discipline on and off the court.

A special focus was placed on improving shot selection and creating a body that can handle the physical demands placed on the best players in the world.

Ferrero said, “We worked a lot about his fitness because before that, as I joke sometimes he was like one piece of spaghetti,”

We also focus on his shot selection and all strokes. He is a talented player and must be able to choose the best options while hitting.

It is important to keep the court orderly. You must also make an effort to be the best.

High aspirations and a’special talent’

Alcaraz is ambitious, but he’s not cocky.

He was born and raised in El Palmar in southern Spain. This town is outside Murcia.

You are hardworking and determined but you also enjoy the little things in life.

He was recently invited to El Hormiguero, a Spanish chat show. After Real Madrid won another La Liga title, he celebrated the occasion with Real Madrid’s footballers at Bernabeu.

He doesn’t let this distract him from his day job. Alcaraz has worked hard since he was 15 years old, and Ferrero is his academy located about an hour from Alcaraz’s home.

Albert Molina, Alcaraz’s agent, convinced Ferrero to sign on to the long-term project that he believed could reap great rewards for all.

Ferrero stated that Ferrero came to play in tournaments we used to organize at the academy.

He was already at a high level, and was ready to try something new. He was physically weak and didn’t have any order when he played.

“But his forehand had already been something special, I could clearly see a difference with other people. He already displayed some very special talents.”