9 Best Golfing Tips for Tall Players

Taller people can have many benefits on the golf course. You will be able make stronger swings and, according to LetsGolfBetter, you can also enjoy special golf clubs designed for tall men (which has many great perks).

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However, being taller than others doesn’t automatically mean that you are able to beat them. To do this, you’ll need patience, time, and training. Here are some useful tips for golfers to improve your game.

Balance is the key

No matter your height, balance is essential in any golf swing. It gives you more control and power, which is why balance is so important in golf swings. You should maintain your balance when using your clubs, regardless of how tall you are.

Balance can be maintained by improving your foot stability. Walking regularly for 15 minutes per day will strengthen your ankles and feet. Great golf shoes can offer traction and comfort while on the course.

Slow down your Tempo

It is very beneficial to swing at a slower pace. This helps tall players to maintain their balance and gets the ball flying faster and for longer. It is a good idea to improve the speed of your strokes.

It will take patience and time to swing consistently at a slow pace. Start by swinging a 7-iron or hybrid at 75% of your normal speed. You can work your way up until you find the slow pace that suits your playing style.

Keep a tight stance

Many tall golfers believe that standing with their feet apart while playing is acceptable. This is a dangerous misconception. This will not only put you out of balance but also make it difficult to swing.

When it’s time to swing, keep your feet closer together. You might consider standing parallel to the ball, depending on its position. This will allow you to hit the ball with your club’s sweet spot.

Make sure you have the right equipment

If you want to maximize your golfing experience, it is important to know when a club is too big or too small for you. This is especially important for tall players who may find playing with shorter equipment distracts from their ability to play.

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When you go to buy new equipment or clubs, make sure that you have the right equipment. It will cost you a little bit. You’ll still be able to use the equipment that suits you best. For help with buying golf clubs for tall men, click here

Have Your Clubs’ Shafts Lengthened

If you have a set, you can have the shafts of your clubs lengthened. This allows you to have a higher, more appropriate stance when you are playing with the ball. It will also prevent your shafts feeling stiffer, which can negatively impact your performance on the course.

You can have your shafts extended by visiting your local golf shop and asking the person in charge to fit “wooden plugs” onto your shafts. This can be requested when you purchase new clubs. To avoid any performance issues, it is a good idea to have your swing speed and lengthened the shaft checked.

Adjust the Lie Angle

You should also adjust your clubs’ lie angles and lengthen your shafts. This will improve your overall performance and accuracy, as lie angles can impact how straight and consistent you hit a ball.

You will need to measure your club’s old lie angle by measuring it with tape. You can then hit a ball together with your club towards the first board, and you can check the marks that they have made on the tape.

Once your shafts are lengthened, you can hit the ball again towards the second board. Adjustment is not necessary if the marks remain in the same spot.

You must put your back into every swing

Taller players may also be prone to let their arms do all the work while swinging golf clubs. Do not follow their lead. It’s tempting to depend on your arms to improve your shots, especially as longer limbs equal more power. To make a good swing, your whole body must be engaged.

When swinging the club, focus on all your muscles, including those in your hips, torso, arms, legs, and hips. You’ll see your shots become more refined and graceful over time than players who only use their arms.

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Get closer to the ball

Tall players should not crouch before swinging. This will make you look less awkward and allow you to shoot more fluidly.

When standing near your golf ball, it is important to keep your posture comfortable, stable, balanced, and steady. This will allow you to have a better view and allows you to move faster when needed. To get the best results, keep your golf club handle at least four fingers from your belt buckle.

Pay attention to your swing sequence

Experienced golfers will tell ya that your swing sequence is crucial if you want to improve the power of your shots. As a tall golfer, the last thing you should do is improve your swing.

As you improve your swing, some of the tips will help. First, stand close to your ball. Next, you will need to move your hips forward to perform a downswing starting at the bottom. To ensure the swing flies in an arc, turn your back towards it.

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Last Thoughts

Golf is not a sport that you have to be taller than basketball. However, being tall gives you an advantage on the course. Follow the tips above to make the most of your experience.